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Never waste a good crisis: the corona crisis has shown us how different Brussels could be. With fewer cars, more cyclists and more places to stroll around. Less noise and better air quality. Less traffic violations and fewer accidents. A city where you can literally catch a breath.

But all of this hasn’t happened by chance. The people of Brussels have claimed the city and put back their car in the garage. They have said : this is our city. A city for people, not a city for cars.

This is how it should stay. The peak of the pandemic is behind us, but nobody wants to go back in time. The public spaces that Brusseleirs have reclaimed shouldn’t be given back. We do not want to return to a city where the car is king.

Time is coming to send a clear signal on how we want our city to be. Sign our petition if you agree!

  • Before we get stuck in traffic jams again, let us make the right choice and turn non-essential roads in streets that are made for people to stroll around.
  • Let’s turn road sections into bicycle lanes, trade in parking spots on squares and lanes to discover what beauty of our city is hidden under the cars’ wheels.
  • Save our bars and restaurants by creating new terraces where currently are parking spots, because the real soundtrack of Brussels is laughter and the clinking glasses.

Above all, let's show that a large city on a human scale is not a utopia. Quality of life and vibrant energy of our metropolis can go together. That the heart of a cosmopolitan city beats faster than usual, but never faster than a person can handle.

If you also want a post corona Brussels to become more car-free, safer, greener and healthier, sign this petition.

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